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I offer custom MS Excel macro programming and MS Word macro programming services.

Here are some examples of specialized tasks that my custom Excel macros and custom Word macros have accomplished for my clients:

Automating tasks with interactive forms.
Converting data into useful documents.
Generating data.
Making data friendly.
Moving survey responses from Word forms into Excel.
Standardizing data formats.

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Automating tasks with interactive forms. These interactive forms I designed allow guided tour directors to help their clients track their money as they make purchases in foreign countries. Currency rates have been entered previously on another dialog. Then, when a traveler buys something, they enter the "Amount" and select the "Foreign Currency Name." The macro converts the value to US dollars, subtracts the cost from the traveler's remaining funds, and records the purchase on the traveler's individual tracking sheet.

[Foreign Currency Conversion]

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Converting data into useful documents. A macro I wrote for Sourcing4U converts this raw sales data with 46 columns ... [Raw Sales Data]

Another of my macros converts this information, with 53 columns of raw data ... [Accerio Data]

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Generating data. A macro I wrote for McCourt Label Company generates sequences of characters, according to specifications the user defines through this dialog:

The sequence can be any of the following:
  AlphaNumeric, No I or O

Or it can be a custom sequence of characters defined by the user through this dialog:

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Making data friendly. When Boeing decided to apply "just in time" concepts to their inventory, they set up a minimum and maximum for all inventory items. Each month, my client downloaded inventory forecast data from Boeing's website for hundreds of items so he could determine how many of each item to ship that month. The data was virtually unusable in the original format.

The macro reformats the data and adds charts that show the monthly projections (red) and the minimum/maximum amounts (blue) Boeing wanted to have on hand so my client could see at a glance when to ship more and how much of each item.

[Before And After Data Formats]

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Moving survey responses from Word forms into Excel. After my client receives back completed survey forms, she has to compile the data, create charts, and make some calculations. My macro does it all, processing each individual question exactly the way she ordered it.

Here's the resulting Excel sheet for one of the fourteen survey questions.

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Standardizing data formats. I've written several macros that reformat imported data so the user can work with it more easily. One very simple example concatenates data from multiple cells into a single cell, separated by vertical lines, to match the format of data imported from another customer, so all the data can be processed using the same program.

I can make Excel Excel Logo
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